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US healthcare bill: Trump issues Friday vote ultimatum
The president demands a make-or-break vote on Friday on a new healthcare bill to replace Obamacare.

All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger
The picture puts a spotlight on benefits being stripped out of latest healthcare bill revisions.

Jay Z plans Trayvon Martin TV series and film
The hip-hop star also plans to make a film about the black teenager's 2012 killing.

Exclusive: Ed Sheeran says Liberia trip 'hit me really hard'
The singer writes about his Comic Relief visit and why he'll never forget the children he met.

Strictly Come Dancing 'spectacular' cancelled
The live spin-off event, set to take place in June, is axed due to poor ticket sales.

George Michael: Andrew Ridgeley attacks 'mucky' Channel 5 documentary
Andrew Ridgeley describes a Channel 5 programme about George Michael as "sensationalist & mucky".

Ofcom plans instant payback for broadband woes
Landline and broadband customers who suffer poor service could get automatic payouts under Ofcom plans.

Row over US ISP customer data sales
US politicians have voted to let ISPs gather and sell data about what Americans do online.

Google and Symantec clash on website security checks
Web browsers could be blocked from accessing sites caught up in a row over basic security tools.