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Latest National News

Tropical Storm Isaias lashes Carolinas, killing at least one
The storm caused flooding and tornadoes resulting in at least one death in North Carolina.

Donald Trump: US Treasury should get cut of TikTok deal
The president has given Microsoft 45 days to reach a deal or he will ban the app in the US.

What's going on with TikTok?
Microsoft confirmed it wants to acquire TikTok after President Trump threatened to ban the app.

Edward Enninful: Focusing Vogue on activism a 'no-brainer'
The September issue is described as a "rallying cry for the future" and includes 40 activists.

Investigation finds 'no corroboration' of sexual assault on The Killers tour
The band's legal team is unable to find evidence supporting claims of sexual assault on a 2009 tour.

UB40 singer Duncan Campbell 'up and about' after suffering stroke
The band says he is "already up and about" and expresses hopes for "a strong and speedy recovery".

Google-Fitbit takeover: EU launches full-scale probe
The European Commission's move has the potential to derail the $2.1bn takeover.

YouTube Music: Google to axe Play Music in October
The service heads to the digital graveyard as the company switches focus to YouTube Music.

British Dental Association members targeted by hackers
British Dental Association warns members that their bank details and case notes may be compromised.