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Latest National News

Tourist couple murder: Teenage boys named as suspects
Two Canadian teenage boys are key suspects in killing of young couple shot to death on holiday.

Hate crimes drop in Canada for first time in years
Anti-crime campaigners advise scepticism since most hate crimes are not reported to police.

Why Justin Trudeau is fighting over milk
Justin Trudeau opponent slams the PM for new food guide that says milk not essential for health.

Toronto Film Festival: Judy, Joker, and Jojo Rabbit seek Oscar glory
The films at the Toronto Film Festival that could be the frontrunners at the next awards season.

Bohemian Rhapsody becomes the oldest video to get 1bn views
Queen's signature song reaches the YouTube milestone, but it's still not in the site's Top 100.

Chewbacca mask worn by Lewis Capaldi sells for £7,000
The singer made his entrance at TRNSMT festival wearing it, and the money will go to a charity.

Grand Theft Auto's Diamond Casino lets cash be turned into chips
Players can convert real money into in-game gambling chips, but not vice-versa.

Dog learns new tricks via vibrating vest
Tai the dog is learning to respond to remote-controlled commands via a haptic vest.

The mushroom that AI thinks is a pretzel
Researchers have compiled a database of 7,500 images that AI has failed to identify correctly.