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Latest National News

Virginia Uber driver was Somali war criminal - jury
Thirty-one years after he was left for dead, one of the taxi driver's victims has his day in court.

More impeachment calls as ex-White House lawyer skips hearing
After a former Trump White House lawyer refuses a subpoena, more Democrats call for impeachment.

In pictures: Protests across US against abortion bans
Thousands of people protest in several cities against tough laws restricting terminations.

Game of Thrones: How much do its female characters speak?
The show's actresses get considerably less time speaking on screen than the actors, data suggests.

Aladdin: How Disney found its leading characters
Will Smith might be playing the genie, but Disney opted for two relative unknowns for the leads.

Downton Abbey: Five reveals from the trailer
The Downton Abbey film trailer has finally arrived - here's all you need to know.

Amazon set for facial recognition revolt
Investors are to vote on whether the firm should continue selling its facial ID tech to the police.

Female-voice AI reinforces bias, says UN report
Female-voiced AIs are portrayed as "eager to please", suggesting women are "subservient" says study.

Bleach peddled as 'miracle' autism cure on YouTube
An investigation by Business Insider led the site to take down most - but not all - of the videos.